Who we are ?

EPI SAS, founded in 2000, has a portfolio of over 20 years of experience in heavy industry, industrial and construction equipment, energy, hydrocarbons and information display systems.

We are present on 4 continents. With several collaborators, EPI SAS has a commercial presence in Europe, North Africa, Asia and Middle East.

EPI SAS, manufacturer, authorized collaborator, distributor and representative of several international groups in the field of industry, relies on its experience to offer you customized solutions. EPI SAS is constantly developing its know-how, its skills and its technological expertise so that you can benefit from its best performances.


EPI, specialized in the trade of industrial supplies, brings concrete answers to modern industry. EPI's experience has always been focused on innovation. Today, this creative force is oriented towards reliable, robust and economical solutions, well adapted to the industrial sector.

All EPI equipment meets strict performance, robustness, safety and ergonomic criteria. The range of equipment in the EPI selection represents a real reference for our industrial sector. The products we offer have become the market reference in terms of productivity, efficiency, profitability and environmental responsibility. Our services have therefore acquired the experience and competence to study, plan, estimate the budget necessary for the accomplishment of such operations, and lead/accompany a project from the study phase to its completion and start-up.


Our objective is to pass on to our clients our know-how in our preferred fields and our core businesses.

Our long term fruitful collaborations have allowed us to establish a relationship of trust with a large clientele that is demanding and uncompromising on the quality of the products and services sought.

Our customers come from a wide range of sectors, such as oil producers/refiners, automobile manufacturers, aeronautical industry, transportation and many more.

Our Collaborators


Phone:+ 201 063 534 374

Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Ismail


Phone:+ 213 560 93 38 70

Mr. TOUFIK Ferrag

Middle East

Phone:+ 971 52 947 0053

Mr. Salah Eddine


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Mme. Xia Huang

Sierra leone

Phone:+ 233 76 198 991

Mr. Allieu Bangura


Phone:+ 971 6 552 8622

Mme. Rodei Torres


Phone:+212 616 150 626

Mr. Amir Zohir

Saudi Arabia

Phone:+ 966 55 316 2005

Mr. Ahmed Gherraby